Eco System by Cervotessile

Cervotessile operates over a vast geographical area so we choose to personally select our partners without the use of intermediaries. This ensures a close-knit network of certified partnerships that begins with the sourcing of raw materials. Our clients are welcome to visit our plants and check their procedures.

Strict sustainability standards and so cio-ethical protocols.

Ongoing monitoring of production process.

Constant product control.
Eco System bv Cervotessile is our integrated, global and independent brand which provides our partners with the guarantee that the highest standards concerning eco-sustainability and responsibility are met.

Cervotessile has improved the ancient art of textile production, developing manufacturing technology at the same rate we ensure sustainability throughout the supply chain. Sustainable, fair trade raw materials, highly energy efficient plants, water and air filtering, and noise reduction: meeting such strict standards enables us to continue manufacturing our products in the Park of the Ticino Valley, under the scrupulous supervision of the park authorities that safeguard this pro- tected area
Unambiguous traceability ensures a fast and efficient flow of information. The central thread is represented by the implementation of a clear, sustainable environmental policy without the involvement of third parties. This reduces costs and increases the availability of resources for socio-environmental investments.